Friday, July 14, 2017


FOTO FRIDAY is a photo of the best 'thumbs up' ever. It was the most welcomed one because it was almost 3 weeks ago I had given up hope. 

Given up hope not on a person but on the fact I wouldn't have to replace my camera. On our anniversary trip the rough waters of the Root River got the better of us and our canoe capsized a hundred feet from our landing. We were okay minus some bruising and some items floating down to the next town but but my camera water proofing did not not surpass the unexpected dump. 

Drying, opening up all that could be dried, removing the battery and card right away didn't hurt, but my camera still wouldn't work. After a search on line I opted for the rice solution route and stuck the camera in our rice tupperware container immediately upon returning home. 

There were daily numerous trials still with a foggy view and lens. Very sadly, I conceited defeat but just for the heck of it decided to leave it in the sealed container and go on with life.

As I was packing for my upcoming trip, I spotted the rice container out the corner of my eye and thought, What the heck? Even if it was 3 weeks, one more try.

And do you know what? After replacing the battery and card the lens extended and I could see out the view finder and the digital screen. I ran in to show Natureman and he gave me the good ole thumbs up and it was the best one ever.

Have you had any best thumbs up stories lately? Do tell.

* It turns out a water spot behind the lens appears as a blur in full sun. My kids were kind enough to buy me a new camera to take with me on my recent trip. xoxo

Last week's FOTO FRIDAY was SIGNS, SIGNS, EVERYWHERE SIGNS from that same fateful trip.


  1. Set back on the camera lens situation as when faced with humidity a condensation spot appeared on the inside of the lens. Bummer.

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