Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Natureman always comments on folks talking about the weather excessively but if truth be told, he has been finding himself joining in on these weather conversations more and more.  As boring as you might think weather talk is, it's a 'real' issue when you live out in the country in the middle of nowhere. 

When we hear 'Flash' on the radio/ catch sight of the 'FL' word, it's not the image of the Superhero comic character that comes to mind because what follows is Flood Watch / Warning.

The End of the Rainbow Valley is bordered by Coon Creek  (well known for its trout fishing) which feeds into the Mississippi River 5 miles away.  Translated : When there are heavy and frequent rains, it doesn't take long before the water is nearing its banks.  Translated once again: Access home / out can be cut off... 

Yesterday another one of those warnings came. Last week's predicted thunderstorm rumbled and flashed for hours but had miraculously circumvented our area. Relief, for sure, as 'The Tractor' was still awaiting a clutch. Our tractor (alias The Tractor) becomes our road grader once its snow plow days are behind it.

Some ruts in our dirt road were getting deeper and deeper with each rain and another major rain could really cause havoc. Yesterday as we drove out of the valley by the neighboring farm where the Tractor was being repaired, lo and behold, it had been moved, a very good sign indeed. Fingers were  crossed it could be put to work. 
 Natureman stopped, turned its key, gave it some gas and moved the gear shift and thank heavens, it went into gear. He was off using the summer's day extra sunlight to grade and regrade our mile drive. By finishing time its headlights were in use.

The weathermen didn't lie as the late thunderstorms came through dumping rain more than once through the wee hours. It wasn't quiet.  I was awakened by the sound of a tree crashing. 

Daylight will show us last night's damage but we know it could have been worse without The Tractor's help. 

Sometimes a superhero can come in the shape of a tractor and yes, Natureman, it seems the weather's becoming more and more extreme and we just have to talk about it.

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