Thursday, July 13, 2017


If truth be known there's been another guy in my life for the last 5 months. In fact, my friend Nancy introduced us. He's not really a mystery as he has been with me in the car anytime I head anywhere. I haven't been trying to be secretive about our relationship. 

Let me first say Natureman 
Time to grade the drive again...
does know about how much time I have been spending with this guy but Natureman has been super busy with the garden and regrading our road after all these rainfalls. He knows this guy has been in every room of our home and Natureman hasn't even said anything about this guy coming to bed with me. No kidding.

This guy's initials are R.S. and he's actually very well known. A friend even ran into him recently on a trip to Ireland where I am sure he was doing something for work. He travels a lot and probably has been in a lot more beds than I can fathom... 

He has been super helpful with this upcoming trip to France. His expertise is all encompassing and cultural advice, immeasurable. His staff does a lot of ground work but folks follow his advice the world over. I'm sure you've heard of him as you can't have a better guide for your travels.
Perhaps you've seen Rick's work? 

Yes, his last name is Steves. Travel guru extraordinaire and his travel guides are priceless.

You didn't really think I'd cheat on Natureman, did you?  Another man in my life? No way. There's only room for one 'man' in my heart and that's Natureman. 

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  1. Sweet...but I can see the appeal of Rick as you plan for your next big adventure.