Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I  actually got to visit with some folks during cocktail time after the ceremony. It was so great seeing family whom I haven't seen forever. Once we went up for dinner I must admit I spent a lot of time either watching/on the dance floor. Our family has always taken the King and I's tune "I Could have Danced All Night and ... Still Have Begged for More" approach and this wedding would be no different.

The Wedding Couple definitely made a grand entrance after their wedding party made their appearance... 

The couple worked the floor

for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. Smooth and OK I admit being dreamily teary...Ray LaMontagne's 'You Are The Best Thing.'

This wedding night our kids are all grown up and have a new life dance partner...

BUT I can envision them as little kids dancing on their parents's feet/ practicing their moves ... 

This evening Evan and his Mom danced together to Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Simple Man.' Super sweet. These two have a special bond.  She raised a good man.

The Father-Daughter dance was to the first song Lori's Dad had sung to her as a baby and many, many times throughout the years: Doo Wah Diddy Diddy... 

The Wedding Couple using the napkin to connect the two...

And, of course, there were the traditional Jewish horas and chair lifting. 

Parents too. My cracked tailbone felt no pain as I enjoyed my daughter's wedding.

My 90 yr old Dad worked hard at physical therapy
to be here for  this very special dance.

Perhaps the most special of all the dances for me on the Bride's dance card was seeing my Dad with his granddaughter, the Bride. It was a cherished and much anticipated dance with an equally proud Pappa Sherman.  He not only recuperated from his week long intensive care time some 3 months before but with determination and rehab made the trip without a walker/cane.  Amazing.

One shenanigan the Bride and Groom did not know about happened after toasting. It was a surprise dance with female members of the families.  Adam Levine's 'Sugar' video was inspiration to niece Becky. (You see Adam and his band take one day to surprise numerous wedding couples on their wedding day by their attendance and performance.) No, We couldn't get him & his band BUT Becky and I had worked on choreography when I was back in Little Rock in December. Then Becky and her friend Diane finished the moves... We had one joint rehearsal with the entire gang and a decision was made to just perform the first half and free style the remainder. (It wasn't so easy to master the email videos) Anyhow this is how it ended up. DWTS might have to wait but we had a great time learning it for Lori and Evan. (Thanks Josh for this home video.) Hope you are you ready for the prime time dancers! And if you have a copy, do share. Click on the LINK to:SURPRISE FAMILY DANCE

We not only COULD have danced all  night/danced the night away, we did.

Monday, May 30, 2016


We've had a rainy week but Sunday was one of those near perfect days as after some home chores, for me weeding and Natureman re-grading our road, we were off in the Miata to the small quaint river town of Alma, Wisconsin a little over an hour from the End of the Rainbow Valley. You see we would be enjoying the July 4th broadcast recording of The Great River Wave Radio Show homed right on Main Street. We had reservations for the earlier 6 pm show.

Of course we allowed time for our favorite stops, first at Alma's The Garden Gate to get some new blooms. It was a good year and the plants were all so happy including some very healthy busy bumble bees.

Followed by the Mississippi overlook.

 Harley groups and many others had the same idea. But at least we could ask someone else to take the pic. (This pic will be important  to understand what marred our day. )

Then on for a little wine tasting and a great river view at Danziger Winery followed by fish dinner in downtown Main Street at the Alma Hotel and a nice walk by the River before showtime. 

Mary Mack 
We had no problem choosing our seats as we were there when the doors opened. While awaiting the girl's room one seater in the narrow hall, I was asked by Mary Mack, one of the evening's comedians, if I would like to read a question for the show. So, if you listen on July 4th to the program you just might hear my question re:garage sales. I even made a funny about being from 'south' Chaseburg.

Performances include the show's band, The Bottom Feeders.
Al Ross, announcer, Mac Cherry, James Mudcat Grant, Tim Dallman, guitar &vocal, Allen Neuman percussion, Michael Carlucci  bass 

Story Teller Kenny Salwey alias the last River Rat shared his fishing tale about being skunked twice in one day. 

Did you realize skunks stamp their front paws first before emitting that wondrous odor?

 Judge Gary Schlosstein going for his 60th year on the bench shared not only his history but also that of Buffalo County as he is the unofficial county historian and owner/curator of the Castle Rock Museum. His first collector piece as a 10 year old was a $4 Civil War musket (sold to him a bit cheaper) with a powder flask thrown in. No conceal and carry issues back then either...

Tim Harmston winner of the Twin Cities Acme Comedy Company's Funniest Person and performer on NBC Last Standing Comic supplied us with voting suggestions. These included what to do with all those political mailings which will be filling our mailboxes. Take note: shred them and use them for insulation in your walls/attic so when winter arrives you'll be extra toasty since those guys are just full of a lot of hot air.

It was a delightful evening of entertainment but remember I mentioned almost perfect. If you look back at that Overlook pic Natureman was holding what I call one of his favorite possessions, ( he is not a possession type guy)but gone was his safari wide brimmed hat. Before the show I suggested he'd leave it in the car. He had casually thrown it on the front seat but unfortunately some individual decided they needed it more and took it. Isn't that sad?

Well as disheartening as the theft was, the return trip showed us there are more important things to appreciate...

If interested take a look at last year's *Alma's Garden Gate posting

Friday, May 27, 2016


FOTO FRIDAY: As a parent we can give all kinds of advice but one thing I hope the newlyweds never forget is to remember to laugh together. Laughter is the best medicine.  So one of the gifts I have for the newlyweds is a pair of red noses. Sometimes a laugh is just needed to lighten a mood.

Bride donning her RED nose.
What advice would you offer the newlyweds?
Advice isn't always solicited but as I always say, "It's my blog." 


Did you catch last week's additions to FOTO FRIDAY? If not, check them out here: GETTING TO THE CHUPPAH 

Thursday, May 26, 2016


As the marriage program stated:You are about to sit through the totally Jewish and not boring marriage celebration. They weren't kidding one thing definitely not missing from my daughter's demeanor was sheer joy. 
One happy groom too!

This was one happy Bride if I may say so myself... Her Dad even promised as difficult as it was to not sprint down the aisle during the processional. And he kept his promise, we actually had time to say "Here comes the Bride" before we handed her to Evan. Lori joined her Evan under the Chuppah smiling ear to ear.

The Bride circled her Groom giggling, trying to keep track of how many times she circled around him. She needed to reach the special Biblical number  7.  Was Evan keeping track/ did he already know he had the right woman? In the old days when matches were made, the couple may have only met a couple times and the guy certainly did not want to take home the wrong woman.

After locking gazes, he acknowledged she was the right woman,  it was time to bless the wine, the Erusin, to symbolize life's sweetness. According to their program it is the second most important blessing of the evening.

Next was the ring ceremony when the Groom and Bride repeat

the Hebrew after the Rabbi. Lori proudly  
showed off her  ring. Yep, you're seeing correctly it was on the pointer finger.  It wasn't that it didn't fit but tradition is for the groom to place it on his Bride's pointer  as that artery goes straight to her heart. AW, once again, a very happy Bride. Would Evan break  into Beyonce's song "If I Like it, then I shoulda put a ring on it?" He didn't need to... They were no longer single but officially married! Rabbi Aggie then spoke about the previous signing of the ketubah, the marriage contract which states the rights and responsibilities as a married couple. Let me digress: I used to make up different translations of my ketuba hanging on the wall. Anytime there was a discussion of household chores, I'd run over point to any line and make up whatever i.e.: like line 9 translates: Man takes out trash. Who knows what all that Hebrew says?  Anyhoo back to the ceremony...  

Sheva Brachot, the Seven Blessings, seem to take forever but join the new couple to the community. Every time the Rabbi'd finish one, Lori would look to her asking if it was time to kiss. The Rabbi repeatedly responded, "Not yet."

But after handing Evan the glass to stomp, we all shouted Mazal Tov, Good Luck, as "the remaining shards remind us of how fragile the bond of marriage is and how we must care for each other with love and understanding." The couple stood there looking at each other, until the Rabbi finally said "Now, now, you can kiss the Bride." Lori's response was to jump up and down and threw her arms around her new husband. Such joy.

And that was it, Evan and Lori were married. L+E  headed down the aisle as we all clapped, hooped and hollered. 
(There's a short video that I might be able to insert at a later date. Just take these photos at face value. It was joyous.

There they go L+E now M/M
The newlyweds would have a couple minutes alone.  We'd see them after we had time at the reception for some schmoozing at the dinner and party.  Check back as the celebration continues...

Thanks to Josh, Amanda, Denise& Jo for the use of your photos.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


There's no better time for PDA (public display of affection) than at a wedding.  Hugs and kisses between relatives and friends who haven't seen each other for awhile. Wouldn't it be great if we could bottle it all up?

The wedding party littles set the mood like no others the evening of the 7th as 4/5 have an invested interest in the Bride, their godmother and the 5th, the youngest ring bearer is the Groom's cousin. Each took their job seriously and definitely made the newlyweds feel the love. 
Bearing the ring boxes for Evan & Lori 
Instead of baskets the junior flower girls drop the petals
 out of motor oil cans. the groom's love of fixing old cars
Each parent's joyous emotion of publicly giving away their child is bitter sweet as someone else is now occupying their child's heart. We've been preparing our offspring for years to share and now it is us who must share. 

Yet on this wedding day there's no doubt of the love and pride shared between a parent and their child.

Evan kisses his Mom as
he leaves her at her chair

And we beam as we lead Lori down the rose petal strewn aisle to the Chuppah where her beloved, Evan, awaits his bride to the tune of the Beatle's song I will, played on guitar and sung by the Frieds, a father and son duo. (here you can play it in the background as you look at the rest of the PDA in the pics I will:

Here are the lyrics to the refrain:
Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart...

Their large wedding party BFF's (Best Friends Forever), friends and family surround the bridal couple with love... Even Lori's bouquet has pins from family members who are with the couple in spirit. (I sure hope the wedding photographer captured a pic of these!)

The first and not last PDA from Mr. and Mrs. Fisher after the traditional breaking of the glass... MAZAL TOV!

AND after their first dance together as he plants one on her after becoming Mr. and Mrs... And after the glass clinking... and...

Here's to many more years of PDA! 

Hope it's OK to share more simchas (joy) in tomorrow's entry of the wedding ceremony and party. If not, too bad... I'm the MOB. 

* thanks to all those who took these photos (Julia, Jessica, Jo, Eddie, Stefanie, Victoria, maybe others ?)

Renee Dominique's sweet rendition of :I WILL

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Wedding cards hung up the banister
Never underestimate the power of making something yourself rather than purchasing it. It's not just about the cost although that doesn't hurt. Labor can be cheap but nothing beats investing yourself/ friends/family in your wedding projects. Just ask the newlyweds Lori and Evan. It can't get any more personal. You read the story of the chuppah. 
A thinned out moment on the table
rehearsal dinner fisher centerpieces
Jessica hotglueing Life signs
 for grooms cake
LorEvan's dining room served as Wedding Central for most of the projects for quite a while. Assembly Projects included but not limited to assembling bridesmaid gifts, buddy frames, bedazzling flip flops, decoupaging flower girl jewelry boxes/ labelling ring bearer boxes & candy, rehearsal dinner centerpieces, stamping L+E on sacks for both candy/ hospitality bags, organizing RSVP's, hotglueing stickers for cake signs, printing the newlywed banner, filling the candy bar canisters, packing up and who remembers what else?
Candy jars for the Candy Bar  
Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, Ding Dongs

                             Overflow projects went to the breakfast table i.e.: Groomsmen's gifts, the wine bottle label removing endeavor and master coiling by the master coilers Jo(e) imported from Norway and Natureman from Wisconsin. These 2 dozen bottles held the wedding table street sign names. 

Into their coiling, the two also were assigned the wedding cake topper. They must have invested a couple hours creating the logo of L+E. And you have to admit it did make a statement atop the wedding cake. 
Off site endeavors included neighbors both old and new as new neighbors helping assembly hotel guests's hospitality bags and invitation addressing & signage by Lauren, one of Evan's old Kennesaw neighbors. 

Countless hours where so many helped the couple execute their visions for their Wedding weekend. What could be a better way to be part of those memories?